Project: Catalepsy

A Roguelike Blockchain Game

Explore a hellish abyss and battle dark forces in this thrilling third-person roguelike video game. Show your skill and courage!

Provisional website. This project is in prototyping phase.


Project: Catalepsy is a video game developed natively for Web3 to take advantage of the benefits provided by blockchain technology. The main objective is to merge the gameplay of a traditional game with the transparency, ownership of digital assets, and decentralized economy offered by blockchain.


Third-person roguelike with exploration, combat, and strategy.


Seasonal rewards in fiat and NFTs, without cryptocurrencies.


Segmented market into two roles: investors and players.

Own ecosystem

Launcher + Wallet + DAO so you can manage everything from one place.

Download the game

Download the game now and embark on your Catalepsia adventure!